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"Brave Love" is an adaptation of stories and other writing by Katherine Mansfield (KM) who produced her best-known work 1911-1922.

"Brave Love" is a feature length narrative drama retelling KM's social issues writing in a "presentish-day" setting. The narrative comes from KM's story "Brave Love", written in 1915 but only discovered in 1972. John Calder describes "Brave Love" as a subversive satire of popular romantic fiction. As in string the reader along with what seems at first to be the usual escapist love story then at the end stab a (metaphorical) knife into it and twist hard.

"Brave Love" the movie is a climate change awareness drama. We do this by taking KM's villain Evershed, a banker, and changing his occupation to oil company CEO and climate change denying media celebrity. His mistress Valerie is becoming climate change aware and their differences escalate to relationship breakup. Relationship breakup drama should be about fighting over important things - like climate change.
KM is strong on social inequality in her story "The Garden Party", which we adapt as a subplot by retelling it as a corporate event run by the oil company.

"Brave Love" the movie plays as a mock epic with 50 actors. That was only possible by filming mostly in one room using a green screen. The movie is now nearing the end of a consequentially years long editing process big on animation and visual effects. We plan to start its film festival campaign in 2024

The House of Seville

When the equinox lines up with a lunar eclipse, there is magic empowering ghosts to cross to the opposite side of the Earth. The Ghost of Carmen leaves her usual haunt of Seville, Spain to descend on Henderson, New Zealand for a night of grandly operatic horror and mayhem as she manipulates the people there into reenacting her own dramatic violent death. Logical and sensible businesswoman Victoria drives through Henderson playing "Carmen" on her car stereo and runs out of petrol. Her cellphone is out of credit. Boutique shopping center "The House of Seville" has its lights ablaze and looks welcoming. Don't go there, Victoria!

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