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Super-8mm and other Obsolete Media survival notes

Writing in 2005 I do NOT now recommend use of Super-8mm or other similar media for any serious attempt at film production.   I was formerly a great fan of Super-8mm as should be clear from other areas of this site and I still have the equipment to film with it and even digitise the results.  BUT my recent testing makes it clear to me that DV delivers equal or better image quality compared to Super-8mm.  DV is better for sound and editing.  The new HDV medium is a further improvement.

HOWTO Fix Sankyo Projector faulty or broken drive belt.

O-Rings sold by automotive parts shops work well but get a slightly looser-fitting ring than your original belt.

HOWTO Fix Sankyo Projector Motor speed control failure

The most useful information now for Super-8mm is how to keep the projectors going.



HOWTO use "VLC" to Capture HDV Video from a Canon HV20 Camcorder

[28 Jun 2007]. Capture problems with the new HDV camcorders? "VLC" is an open source project with versatile capture capabilities.