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"The House of Seville".  Animation.

Four of us animating over 2008-2011, with a lot of other help - thanks everyone! - have made this 18 min movie.
2021 UPDATE - Now posted to Youtube for public viewing.

Watch "The House of Seville" on Youtube

Character Design

Beginnings - Finding and sharing what works best

Reusable Elements - In search of a quietly normal walk

Art vs Logic - The strange story of Ambient Flick

Discovering MOCAP - We love the Carnegie Mellon University Graphics Lab MOCAP Database

Other iafilm websites....
iafilm Blog Informal diary of ideas, events, film projects as they happen.
iafilm on YouTube Clips made or selected for the YouTube environment.

Askar Cover Photo

Askar eBook - Now published at USD 1.99 on "Amazon Kindle" and "Smashwords"

ASKAR Pages - Reviews, Backgrounders, Film Test Scenes
 - Bronwyn Calder completes her fantasy epic novel ASKAR, 20 years after she started it.   

ASKAR preview - Read some of "Askar" and search inside with Google Book Search.

MOCAP downloads and new video examples - we love the Carnegie Mellon University Motion Capture Database. See how we are putting CMU MOCAP to work in a short movie aimed at competing in film festivals. Downloads of our CMU selections with conversions to Carrara NLA format and mods.

Askar ebook now published.

JULY 2009
Emergency 2015 - Student animation from MITCIT course MA500 is a parody of medical dramas.
Emergency 2015 image Emergency 2015 image Emergency 2015 image

The Dragons of Earth - Our "Doctor Who" fanfilm animated 5-min epic is now on Youtube (external link).

Success for "How Europe Got Its Name" - short film selected for the New Beijing International Film Week

The House of Seville  - Film-making with "poseable" 3D Artwork.  An Applied Research project of the Manukau Institute of Technology.

JUNE 2007
"Dancing with the Pollies" Our modelling clay animated short made as part of the 48 Hours Furious Film-making competition.
AVI Disaster Recovery Case study of how John rescued a video file from a memory card after a camera system crash.

 JANUARY 2007 - IAFILM spreads its web.
Now that "blogger" provides on the fly logging, let's try it out for running an  iafilm Blog.

YouTube offers an interesting hosting environment with the potential to reach a large audience and interact with them by videos becoming discussion starters and even the method of dialogue in discussions.  A mostly non-commercial environment but good promotional opportunities.  iafilm on YouTube is now up and running.   Some of the clips there are recently-made "quickies" in a quirky-alternative-reportage style which we have made especially to go on YouTube.  We are into scoring higher viewing figures so we can point to them when going for funding for future-planned bigger ambitious iafilm movies.  The best score so far is 205 views for "Raurimu Spiral" [Update 2020 - 40379 views] but the recently-added "The cheekygirl10 Guide to Len Lye" is growing fast and we have high hopes for it to do well. [Update 2020 - 7838 views]

MAY 2006
What's Up with Film Digitisation?      John Calder experiments with Super-8mm and "simulated 16mm" (via a 35mm still camera) to report on methods for archiving the Iafilm film legacy.
Which leads to a big question does it make sense to shoot our new projects on Super-8 ?  UPDATE:  June 2007 after the experience of making a new Super-8 Film - in most cases "no".  Super-8 can give excellent results when using fine-grain black and white film, and otherwise has a grainy "look" which may be effective for the odd shot, but for general use we now want to move on and get into HDV.
MARCH 2006
The Case of Bodil de Resny   What we did in the  "48 Hours" Film-making competition 2005. 

2 more results posted from John Calder's ongoing project to digitise films from "The Golden Age of Super-8"
Amandla! (Excerpt)(1982)   Documentary which focusses on the protestors involved in the NZ All Blacks vs South Africa Springboks Rugby tour of 1981.
EEL-UP(1992)   "The Wheels of Trade are turned by the EELS" in this homage piece made in loving imitation of Len Lye's "Trade Tattoo" (1937).

CALLING ALL IAFILMers!  We need to find you to complete credits lists and consult you over publishing your movies on this site and on the Internet generally.  And the Internet is stimulating new IAFILM projects so who wants to get into it again?!
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