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"Slate3" 3D Short Film-making Research Project - Newsletter 1 - October 2008 revised January 2009

"The House of Seville" - Meet some character designs

Based on the DAZ ready-made digital puppet product "Victoria 4.2" with "Glamour Hair".
Victoria is wearing the "Classic Casual" (25CCV4) top with the skirt from the "Morphing Fantasy Dress"
The "Morphing Fantasy Dress" top is set to invisible so the "Classic Casual" top can take over.
The blue and white design is a simple rectangle saved as a .jpg file and applied with the DAZ Studio "Surfaces" tab.


Combination of "Michael 3" body and "Victoria 4 Male Morph" head.
Colin was created before "Michael 4" was released and at that time this combination gave a good mix
of an expressive head from Victoria 4 and good clothes availability for the Michael 3 body.
Both characters are completely present. For "Michael 3", we make the head invisible.
For "Victoria 4" we make the body invisible. We make both necks visible because we find this gives a smoother join.
We also make "Victoria 4" the child of the neck of "Michael 3"

 colin test render4_change viewport to default.png 



"Michael 3" with head morphs, and a medieval tunic outfit re-textured very simply with the "Surfaces" tab in "DAZ Studio"



Based on "Victoria 4" and the "Morphing Fantasy Dress"



Another combo of a "Victoria 4" head on a "Michael 3" body. See notes above for "Colin"