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"Slate3" 3D Short Film-making Research Project - Newsletter 3 - 29 Jan 2009 - [Updated 01 Jul 2012 with news of posting the full movie to Youtube]

Festival Success for "How Europe Got Its Name"

Our short animated film "How Europe Got Its Name", 6 min, has been selected for public screening in the "New Beijing International Film Week". This is a big step forward for us and we are very happy about it.

".. Europe .." has now finished its film festival run and we have posted it on Youtube:

Many film festivals set an condition for submission that there could not be public internet viewing on websites like Youtube until after the festival.  We could however post excerpts and trailers.  Here is the trailer as posted in 2009:

Backgrounder: The democratisation of film-making makes production easier for us (yay!), and easier for zillions of others(uh oh!) so selection panels can be screening as little as 5% of what they receive.  Therefore selection for public screening is a big deal and this is the first "hit" for this group after 3 years of trying.  Why Beijing? Team Leader John Calder's earlier successes were often in non-English speaking cities. When "How Europe .." was ready, we thought it a good move to invest our entry fee money in the wider world. We liked the style of this festival and the film-makers connected with it - you can see what I mean by using the above link and looking around the festival site.

"How Europe Got Its Name" Version 1 was made in 1 weekend when we were competing as "Team MITCIT" in the New Zealand 48 Hours Furious Film-making Competition. It was wildly ambitious to do a speed-film-making competition with modelling clay animation but we did get it all shot and we got a panic edit version over the finishing line with 2 minutes to spare. We won a small audience-favourite-vote award for 3rd place in our heat.

The Beijing Festival entry is a completed "Version 2".

Earlier story - blog entry just after the 48 Hours Festival.