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From the Democratisation of Film-making to the Democratisation of Book printing

In the 21st Century, economical printing of small numbers of books brings to life self-publishing, boutique publishing, market-testing publishing and alternative publishing in a way not unlike what digital video has done for film-making. Books become a natural extension of creative media - and that includes blurring the lines between books and film.

The Master Weaver (2021)

Tales of the fantastic for grownups
Written and illustrated by Bronwyn Calder
Edited and shepherded through publishing by John Calder

17 stories, 2 poems, 122 pages in print version

In the ages-old genre of fairy tale, Bronwyn Calder explores aspects of womanhood. These stories are fable, horror, science fiction, fairy tales and tales of the unexpected. Journey to other worlds, or to our world turned just slightly, and watch as the Master Weaver weaves her tales.

John Calder publishing note: Bronwyn's fabric and collage art relates to and illustrates the stories. That means premium colour printing for the physical book with international pricing at USD 17.95 and near equivalents via Amazon. That is available as I write at the end of June 2021.
We plan to sell in our local territory of New Zealand at NZD 18.95 including the local GST tax.

Colour artwork makes no difference to the costing of e-books so we are putting a big emphasis on our Amazon Kindle e-book at a price of USD 1.50

Amazon Kindle e-book USD 1.50
Super-preview! Because this is a story collection, clicking on Amazon's preview "look inside" gives 2 complete stories and 1 poem.

Amazon Paperback. International print-on-demand by Amazon. USD 17.95

Askar (2008)

Epic fantasy novel by Bronwyn Calder
414 pages in the Amazon print version.

"Askar" articles, reviews and links on this website

Amazon Kindle e-book USD 1.19

Amazon Paperback. International print-on-demand by Amazon. USD 11.99

Endless Sea (2015)

Congratulations to Bronwyn Calder on winning the "Graeme Lay Short Story Competition" run by the NZ Society of Authors with "Endless Sea". "Endless Sea" has also been published in the high status literary magazine "Landfall" issue 229.

More about "Endless Sea"

Landfall issue 229