IAFilm Productions

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Short Films.

"Amandla" Excerpt (3 min)

John Calder, Ralph Taylor and others, 1982, 23 min.

Winner "Silver Award for Super-8", Philadelphia International Film Festival, 1985.

"Amandla is an on the spot documentary which focusses on the protestors involved in the NZ vs Springboks Rugby tour of 1981.  The emphasis is not on the politics of the protest (although John Calder obviously takes the point of view of the protesters) but rather on the human interest side of any demonstration..."  ... 
"...interesting because of its intention.  Rather than focus on the mob, the emphasis is on the individuals that make up such crowds, everyday people who are compelled to protest over human injustice."
Nadine Myatt writing in "FILMVIEWS", magazine of the Federation of Film Societies, Victoria, Australia, issue 128, 1986.

"Mum! I Need Swords and Guns!"


1985, 4 min

Jocelyn Moloney(Dir), Zane Moloney, James Rock, Colin Rock(Script), John Calder(DOP)

The theme: "the child is father of the man" is explored through the everyday behaviour of a 4-year-old boy.
Actors: Zane Moloney, James Rock.

"The Photocopier"


1986, 3 min

John Calder(Dir), Kathi Sands, Bronwyn Moline, Yvonne Guziak, Noel LLoyd(DOP)

In the mid 1980s, we explored the idea of Super-8 silent movies as good use of a medium with good images but difficult sound. The idea came from a man-versus-machine scene in "The Navigator" (1926) by Buster Keaton. Keaton's original mean machine was a diving suit. We asked the question: what machine plagues our modern 1980s lives with its ugly personality and bad tricks? Obvious answer: The Photocopier!