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HOWTO use "VLC" to Capture HDV Video from a Canon HV20 Camcorder

[28 Jun 2007]. Capture problems with the new HDV camcorders? "VLC" is an open source project with a free download with versatile capture capabilities.

What's Up with Film Digitisation?

[11 May 2006].  Experiments in digitising Super-8mm and 16mm film with a digital stills camera.
Experiments on measuring how many pixels do we need to make a good copy - and some answers.
How do Super-8mm and 16mm cameras stack up today as a viable tool for making indie digital movies?

Publishing Movies on the Web

[06 Feb 2005].  "The Golden Age of Anti-Hollywood",  IAFILM 1977-1995
"Digital Video does The Trickle-Down Effect", IAFILM revival 2002-onwards
Medium Compression formats, early 2003 (Revised Oct 2004)
"Hey!  That streaming stuff can do KISS Low-Budget too!", July 2003 (Revised Oct 2004)

DV Digital Video - how good is it?

[06 Feb 2005].  DV Camcorders: Critical comments on the DV medium from an old Super-8/16mm film-maker.
HDV is coming!  DV to become obsolete soon?  What do we do about that?
What's a good camera?  Survey of current DV Camcorder design patterns.

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