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Cookies, Privacy and Copyright

In general, this is an information sharing website with some marketing of movies but not to the extent of using Internet Technology to have a marketing "customer relationship" with visitors. We are too busy making movies to do that. Therefore IAFilm probably has fewer and smaller issues about Cookies etc than most websites.


IAFilm uses temporary in-memory "Session" cookies to give a consistent session experience. We store only one "cookie" on visitor devices to remember that you have clicked "Agree and Continue" on the Cookie Notice" so you do not need to click it again at every visit.
Note however that we link to other websites: Youtube and Vimeo, for the storage and playing of some of our videos. They add their cookies.


As of Jan 2021 we do not collect personal information from visitors. That may change later as we market our movies and this notice can then update. If that happens we plan to follow industry best practice with care and storage of information and using it only for the specific purpose that we collect it for e.g. selling movie event tickets, renting movie viewing online, displaying user feedback and discussion on movies and articles.

We do collect and store visitor "IP Address", pages visited and error events for website development, maintenance and care purposes including defence against hacking.


Content on this website is "all rights reserved" by default. For most videos, we give permission to visitors to watch the videos using the players provided on our web pages. Visitors do not have permission to download. We remind visitors that visitors want their privacy respected, so equally visitors need to respect the privacy of our actors and other collaborators and not play their work in contexts and places that they do not intend or expect.
Some content is licensed "CC BY" - Creative Commons permitted to copy with Attribution. This content has CC BY labels.
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