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Animation 2009 - 2012

Emergency 2015

Student Flash Animation from course MA500 "Multimedia Principles" at the Manukau Institute of Technology in 2009 - the title reflects an imagined future of 2015. The assignment was "Medical Drama".

In a time when there are too many cars on the road and the world is forced to downsize, even the medical services suffer. What could make this worse?.. Our "boy racer" youth from the late '90s have grown up and are now calling the shots - and saving our lives. The question is, "Are they saving more than they take away?.."

3D "Slate3" - an applied research project of the Manukau Institute of Technology

MITCIT is giving official support to the making of 2 short films aiming to "push the envelope" in exploring the Poser/DAZ 3D Artwork technology which I would describe in a nutshell as digital puppet theatre. In my opinion this system has great potential for movie-making, but with most of its users into still image outputs DAZ movies is a neglected area with potential for us to score some successes by exploring new territory.

3D Diary01 - Characters   Oct 2008

3D Diary02 - Student Project   Jan 2009 - Sabrina reports on her 3D "mini-project"

3D Diary03 - Festival Success   Jan 2009 - "How Europe Got Its Name" in Beijing

3D Diary04 - Free download!   Feb 2009 - IaWalks walk cycle project spinoff

3D Diary05 - The Strange Story of "Ambient Flick"   Feb 2009 - The Joys and Dangers of "Auto Keyframe"

3D Diary06 - MOCAP"   Sep 2010 - We love the Carnegie Mellon Uni Database of character movements, especially now that Bruce Hahne has published DAZ-Friendly file conversions.  We take this a step further and provide downloads of our conversions to Carrara NLA format.